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Lichterketten an Haus und Balkon

In der Adventszeit verwandeln sich viele Häuser wieder in ein festliches...

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You wish to contact us for information or any other request? Simply use the prepared form.

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You have moved? Please remember that we can mail documents regarding your property only to the last known address. Please don’t forget to update any changes in address as soon as possible.

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You changed your bank? Please provide us your new data as early as possible, so that you will receive your surpluses form rental income without delay.

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You have a new phone number or email address?

Please use the prepared form to communicate these important changes. We can guarantee contact and exchange of important information only if we have your most current contact info on our file.

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You are co-owner of a real estate object and have not yet experienced the professional and individual care offered by ABAKUS?

Please contact Anke Tschichholz personally, by phone or with this contact form. You will be impressed by our service.

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